Social media campaign, Tips to an easy framework to start measurement

Few weeks ago, I have been questioned about my process & habits when confronted to analyse a social media campaign – a viral video campaign to be more specific. I never tried to put this out on a paper before, but here it is! Sure, I’m not the first to write about this as I found out when surfing. Here are 2 sources I found deeply interesting: Avinash post about social media metrics & the report from Web analytics demystified & Altimeter.
And here is my framework, I followed my campaign analytics measurement conception. Which is :

      1. If I do not want to miss any factors and fully evaluate the success of my campaign, the customer journey: “Reach, Acquisition, Conversion & Retention” is the natural and more accurate path to follow.
      2. What kind of questions I want to be able to answer to?
      3. And from that point, Define my metrics & KPI.

The questions above are social campaign oriented but the sections could be used for any digital campaign for my point of view.


Does it reach an audience and convey satisfaction?
Reach is your ability to catch visitors attention. Were you able to reach anyone, catch their attention? This could be also how much awareness did you arise. Did you create a real interest for them?
– number of searches (on your campaign), impressions, unique visitor on your landing page(s): facebook page, youtube channel, linkedin page…


Does it convey the Key messages to the targeted audience?
Acquisition is the logical step behind Reach. When you reached those visitors, did you caught their attention enough to stay and look further, get them to land on the page you were expecting them to. Did you get the right audience, the one you were targeting? You will use a list of metrics for this section but most importantly you need to segment to be able to measure success on this step!
– bounce rate, time spent, page views per visits, returning visits… > breakdown per social media channel & per target.


Does it go viral & trigger actions?
In this 3rd section, you will measure visitors actions and check how close to your goals they get? Did they submit your lead form, did they share/like/comment your videos, did they subscribe to something, did they write about you… Which channel was the most efficient, which audience targeted was the most active?
– conversion rate, number of share/like/comment… > breakdown per social media channel & per target.


Was it worth it? | Will it engage user over time?
Finally, you will want to know: how is the ROI of your campaign? Did that campaign bring you new users that will stay, existing clients that will engage more, did you gain in SEO… ? You will want to track this overtime as the effect of your campaign will hopefully stay overtime.

With these 4 sections, I think we will be covering the most of it. What’s your thoughts on this? Do you use another methodology for this?

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