AdobeSummit 2013, as you were there even though we are not :)

Despite not being there, I challenged myself to cover the event as much as I could. I’ll update this post daily with my findings, especially today and tomorrow which are the main seminars day (being in Hong-Kong, I have a bit of delay…).
I’ll cover Digital Analytics and Targeting & Optimization which are my topics of interest and more than enough to cover ! By cover, I mean, I’ll gather all useful information we could gain from going to the summit: videos, whitepapers, case studies, killing sentences, what’s new, best practices… anything that could help a digital analyst real daily life.

What’s all the noise about?

  1. Adobe Summit: Facts & Data first:
  2. Just looking at 2 hours on Twitter…

    but I could also be looking at Google Alerts, Facebook, Blogger… and I will.

  3. Adobe Summit: General Overview:
  4. What is the Adobe Summit ?
    The Adobe Summit is a digital marketing event hosted by Adobe in Salt Lake City and London every year. It’s a 2 day session with a lot of digital marketing oriented conferences, I guess that if you are not always researching on last trends, news… it may be a good though expensive way to stay tuned with a lot of digital stuff in one go. Give you enough food for thoughts for a year.

    I do really hope that I never speak like that…

  5. Adobe Summit: What will I be covering?
  6. Well, I picked my topic for sure, here are the conferences, I’ll virtually sneak into :
    Digital Analytics
    – Solving the attribution dilemma: Five keys to cross-channel ROI measurement
    – Site Catalyst advanced: The time-saving tips you’re not using
    – New innovations for Mobile with the Adobe Marketing Cloud
    – Predictive Marketing: Unearthing hidden behaviors and data patterns
    Targeting & Optimization
    – Adobe Test&Target: Essentials for building relevant, high-converting entry page experiences
    – Adobe Test&Target: Closing the loop: A personalization blueprint for B2B & lead-gen marketers
    – Adobe Test&Target: 2013 Conversion ROI All-Stars: trues stories of optimization success.

    So please be my guest, stay tuned and I’ll share with you everything useful I’ll find from those conferences !

    #1 Update | Adobe Summit, who to follow on Twitter or who are the noisiest ?


    The good news is most of them are analytics people or at least digital people, no click waisted!

#2 Update | Adobe Summit, key takeaways are here!

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