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About Weboptimeez

Weboptimeez is a digital marketing blog first published in March 2011. I mostly talk here about web conversion & tools: webanalyse, testing, user experience… and I am particularly focus on Web Analytics.
It’s because I ask myself a lot of questions around those topics & because there is a lot of useful ressources out there, that I decided to start this blog to write on what matters to me + to keep those resources somewhere else than my gmail drafts.

3 areas:

#Measure: Read measurement oriented articles #Analyse: Read Digital Analytics oriented articles #Optimize: Read CRO articles
Which metrics to choose, which KPI, which tool and platform, How-to set up an efficient report depending on your readers position… How-to understand your data, mix&match your metrics, choose useful metrics, take action on metrics & conduct a user&data-oriented digital marketing strategy Optimize retention, revenue, ergonomi, user experience…

About the writer

Read more about me, on my contact page. In short, I am a Passionate Digital Marketer & Web Analyst since 7 years. Currently Associate Digital Analytics Director at MRM Hong Kong, having a lot of fun analyzing website activities, advising on website optimization, reporting & measuring their performance…

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more or have any questions.
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